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Reviewer: Vivia - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 29, 2016
Subject: Thanks Darkman!
Really appreciate these. Don't let the creeps get you down!

Reviewer: Media Lover - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 29, 2015
Subject: An Ultimate For The Sci-Fi Lover!
Great adaptations of Sci-Fi classics and stories! If you are a fan of the likes of Dimension X, X Minus 1, SF 68 and other Sci-Fi Old Time Radio shows, this one's for you!
Reviewer: GothicSpider - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 19, 2015
Subject: Great collection.
I love Minds Webs and wish it was still being produced.
Reviewer: daRktoweR - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - June 24, 2015
Subject: Thought provoking and superb
Essential listening for the Science Fiction enthusiast. Better than average sound quality, when one has listened to other items on the site.
Totally recommended and many thanks to the site contributor. *****
Reviewer: sirdle - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 4, 2014
Subject: One of the Best Series
*** UPDATE ****

A newer, higher-quality, version of this series has been posted by Darkman with 153 episodes!


Michael Hanson has a wonderful voice and he does a superb job reading these stories. This series provides a minimalist approach with often just Mr. Hanson, and occasionally a few other actors, reading the script. Rather than rely on sound effects, most episodes use music and character voices to shape the mood.

A wide range of sound quality with some of the best episodes, unfortunately, the hardest to understand (e.g., "When It Changed", "The Night He Cried", and "Foghorn").

Several of the titles/authors listed below are inaccurate or incomplete. You can see a complete listing, along with plot summaries and reviews at:
Reviewer: Ampico - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - June 3, 2014
Subject: Fantastic Show
Sci Fi and radio were made for each other, and Mindwebs proves it beyond. I am so glad I found this.
Reviewer: smeiz99 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - June 2, 2014
Subject: Great series
This collection is one of the best on this site. As an X-1 fan since the 80's I was excited to hear there was a similar style here. I am only 1/2 way through the whole series and wish I would never run out of them. Great job!!
Reviewer: Qool - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 11, 2013
Subject: MindWebs
This is the best sci-fi ever from the Archive.

It may be classified as old time radio, yet much of it has a timeless quality, as if it shall never go out of style.
Reviewer: Ruddy2 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 25, 2013
Subject: Mindwebs Double links
I agree with most of the previous reviewers here,and thanks for the author listings too!!
Not sure why,there are 2 different pages of this this one being more complete,but not having the origin of the radio station in WI where broadcasted(syndicated?)bio listed,as the lesser episodes page does...!?
Reminds me of stations that created shows like WXYZ,Detroit's "The Lone Ranger" & "The Green Hornet" and "CBS Mystery Theater" and the later(circa 2002)"Twilight Zone Radio"(Falcon Pictures/Radio Spirits productions)
Reviewer: tay13179 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 21, 2011
Subject: The Best!
This is the best sci-fi series here in the Archive by far.
Some of my favorites are Kaleidoscope, Beyond the Wall of Sleep, They, and The Devil Car to name a few.
Reviewer: LibrivoxOrgFan - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 21, 2011
Subject: OTR scifi for adults by real writers
There really isnt much adult oriented scifi in otr. While most shows seem to have relied on terrible house writers, this showcases real authors and real stories from the 50s to 70s- and what a great narrator. interesting music no annoying sound effects no commercials excellent sound quality.
Reviewer: Jim Thorpe - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 4, 2011
Subject: List of Sci Fi Story Authors of Mind Web Audio
# Mind Webs Audio Files Sci Fi Story Author
01 Mindwebs-761001_AWalkInTheDark.mp3 Arthur C. Clarke
02 Mindwebs-761008_InTheImagicon.mp3 / Corrida George H. Smith / Roger Zelazny
03 Mindwebs-761015_Allegory.mp3 William T. Powers
04 Mindwebs-761119_MothRace.mp3 Richard Hill
05 Mindwebs-761126_TheRun.mp3 Christopher Priest
06 Mindwebs-761231_Absalome.mp3 Henry Kuttner
07 Mindwebs-770128_ToSeeTheInvisi Robert Silverberg
08 Mindwebs-770204_TheUnRemembere Edward Mackin
09 Mindwebs-770211_ThisIsTheStar_ /The Gift Arthur C. Clarke / Ray Bradbury
10 Mindwebs-770304_Winter Housekeeping / Public Hating Molly Daniel / Steve Allen
11 Mindwebs-770311_ThePainGod Harlon Ellison
12 Mindwebs-770617_RepentHarlequi Harlon Ellison
13 Mindwebs-770624_TheSquirrelCag Thomas M. Disch
14 Mindwebs-770701_AChildIsCrying John T. McDonald
15 Mindwebs-770715_FogHorn Ray Bradbury
16 Mindwebs-770722_Descending Thomas M. Disch
17 Mindwebs-770729_TheDayOfTheBut Marion Zimmer Bradley
18 Mindwebs-770805_PetrifiedFores Robert Sheckley
19 Mindwebs-770812_CarcinomaAngel Norman Spinrad
20 Mindwebs-770902_PromisesToKeep William F. Nolan
21 Mindwebs-770909_TheHallOfMachi Langdon Jones
22 Mindwebs-770926_Harrisonburg / Haunted Space Suit Kurt Vonnegut / Arthur C. Clarke
23 Mindwebs-770930_Kaliedescope Ray Bradbury
24 Mindwebs-771007_TheNightOfTheN Kris Neville
25 Mindwebs-771014_TheWeapon / The Castaway Fredric Brown / Charles E. Fritch
26 Mindwebs-771021_RollerBallMurd William Harrison
27 Mindwebs-771028_HappilyEverAft / Born of Man and Woman William F. Nolan / Richard Matheson
28 Mindwebs-771104_TheWordANDStai Mildred Clingerman
29 Mindwebs-771111_ThatOnlyAMothe Judith Merrill
30 Mindwebs-771118_TheSwimmer John Cheever
31 Mindwebs-771125_IKillMyself Damien Kowalzyck
32 Mindwebs-771202_ThePlaceOfTheG Stephen Vincent Benet
33 Mindwebs-771209_TheBrinkOfInfi Stanley G. Weinbaum
34 Mindwebs-771216_ADreamAtNoonDa Gardner Dozois
35 Mindwebs-771223_AfterTheMythsW Robert Silverberg
36 Mindwebs-780106_TheRulesOfTheR Norman Spinrad
37 Mindwebs-780113_TheWinner Donald E. Westlake
38 Mindwebs-780127_TheVeldt Ray Bradbury
39 Mindwebs-780203_TheEnourmousRa John Cleever
40 Mindwebs-780210_Apartment Hunting / King of the Beasts Harvey Bilk / Philip Jose Farmer
41 Mindwebs-780217_TheRace Ed Melchir
42 Mindwebs-780224_ComputorsDontA Gordon Dickerson
43 Mindwebs-780303_PaxtonsWorld Bill Pronzini
44 Mindwebs-780310_NoneBeforeMe Sidney Carroll
45 Mindwebs-780317_PondWater John Brunner
46 Mindwebs-780324_TheEel Allen deFord
47 Mindwebs-780331_HandsOfTheMan.mp3 R. A. Lafferty
48 Mindwebs-780407_SummertimeOnIcarus.mp3 Arthur C, Clarke
49 Mindwebs-780414_ParadiseRegained.mp3 Cogswell Thomas
50 Mindwebs-780421_PowerOfTheSentence.mp3 David M. Locke
51 Mindwebs-780428_ATasteOfDostiefsky.mp3 Brian W. Aldiss
52 Mindwebs-780505_TheEternalMachine.mp3 William Spencer
52 Mindwebs-780512_Webster.mp3 Greg Bear
54 Mindwebs-780519_BeachheadInUtopia.mp3 Lloyd Biggle Jr.
55 Mindwebs-780526_TreasureHunt.mp3 Joseph Green
56 Mindwebs-780602_TheSoundMachine.mp3 Roald Dahl
57 Mindwebs-780619_Subjectivity.mp3 Norman Spinrad
58 Mindwebs-780623_TheSnake_TheFly.mp3 John Steinbeck / Arthur Porges
59 Mindwebs-780630_TheUnfinished.mp3 Frank Belknap Long
60 Mindwebs-780707_ToTheDarkStar.mp3 Robert Silverberg
61 Mindwebs-780721_Running Around / Swords of Ifthan James Sutherland
62 Mindwebs-780728_TheSkyWasFullO Theodore Sturgeon
63 Mindwebs-780804_They Robert A. Heinlein
64 Mindwebs-780818_TheExhibition Scott Edeistein
65 Mindwebs-780825_GardenOfTime J G Ballard
66 Mindwebs-780901_TheMaze Stuart Dybek
67 Mindwebs-780909_Test / The Nine Billion Names of God Theodore L. Thomas / Arthur C. Clarke
68 Mindwebs-780915_TheMeeting Frederik Pohl and C. M. Kornbluth
69 Mindwebs-780922_SingularitiesM Larry Niven
70 Mindwebs-780929_TheWorm David H. Keller
71 Mindwebs-781006_CountryOfTheKi Danon Knight
72 Mindwebs-781013_TheEndOfTheWor Jack C. Haldeman II
73 Mindwebs-781020_TheDevilCar Roger Zalazny
74 Mindwebs-781027_DoingLennon Gregory Benford
75 Mindwebs-781117_InTheAbyss H G Wells
76 Mindwebs-781124_AdamAndNoEvil Alfred Bester
77 Mindwebs-781201_TheTankAndItsW Arsen Darnay
78 Mindwebs-781208_TheManWhoRetur Edmond Hamilton
79 Mindwebs-781215_ANightInElfHil Norman Spinrad
80 Mindwebs-781229_TheValleyOfEch Gerard Klein
81 Mindwebs-790107_TheTop George Sumner Albee
82 Mindwebs-790114_GameForMotelRo Fritz Leiber
83 Mindwebs-790120_DontLookNow Henry Kuttner
84 Mindwebs-790121_MyObjectiveAll Poul Anderson
85 The Sentinal Arthur C. Clarke
86 Mindwebs-790204_TheCage Bertram Chandler
87 Mindwebs-790211_RememberanceTo Gene Wolfe
88 Mindwebs-790218_Phoenix Ted White and Marion Zimmer Bradley
89 Mindwebs-790225__SaucerOfLoneliness.mp3 Theodore Sturgeon
90 Mindwebs-790304__Rebel-FromTimeAndSpace.mp3 Ward Moore
91 Mindwebs-790318__GreatSlowKings-EarthmenBearingGifts.mp3 Roger Zelazny
92 Mindwebs-790325__OverTheLine.mp3 Fredric Brown
93 Mindwebs-790401__PortablePhongraph.mp3 Walter Clarke
94 Mindwebs-790408__AffairWithAGreenMonkey.mp3 Theodore Sturgeon
95 Mindwebs-790415__HelenOLoy.mp3 Lester del Rey
96 Mindwebs-790422__NatureBoy.mp3 Josephine Saxton
97 Mindwebs-790513__TheHellBoundTrain.mp3 Robert Block
98 Mindwebs-790520__WeepNoMoreCalledTheLady.mp3 C L Grant
99 Mindwebs-790527__OrAllTheSeasWithOysters.mp3 Avram Davidson
100 Mindwebs-790603__LightOfOtherDays.mp3 Bob Shaw
101 Mindwebs-790610__WastedOnTheYoung.mp3 John Brunner
102 Mindwebs-790617__EvergreenLibrary.mp3 Jeffrey M. Wallmann
103 Mindwebs-790624__Imposter.mp3 Philip K. Dick
104 Mindwebs-790708__TheMetalMan.mp3 Jack Williamson
105 Mindwebs-790805__Knock.mp3 Fredric Brown
106 Mindwebs-790812__KellermansEyePiece.mp3 Mary Elizabeth Councelman
107 Mindwebs-790819__TheLastGhost.mp3 Stephen Coldin
108 Mindwebs-790826__TheMachineInShaft10.mp3 M. John Harrison
109 Mindwebs-790902__Apple.mp3 John Baxter
110 Mindwebs-790909__RestrictedArea.mp3 Robert Sheckley
111 Mindwebs-790916__LookHomewardSpaceman.mp3 Robert Silverberg
112 Mindwebs-801227__Nackels.mp3 Kurt Clark
113 Mindwebs-810103__YoungGirlAtAnOpenHalfDoor.mp3 Frederick Saberhagen
114 Mindwebs-811128__TheLanguageOfLove.mp3 Robert Sheckley
115 Mindwebs-820218__Desertion.mp3 Clifford D. Simak
116 Mindwebs-820313__LetterToThePhoenix.mp3 Fredric Brown
117 Mindwebs-820804__TheGunWithoutABang.mp3 Robert Sheckley
118 Mindwebs-821113__EnPassantDreamworld.mp3 Brit Switzer
119 Mindwebs-821127__TheBibleAfterApocolypse.mp3 Laurence Janifer
120 Mindwebs-830124__TwentyFourLettersFromUndertheEarth.mp3 Hilary Bailey
121 Mindwebs-830212__AnInfinityOfLoving.mp3 David Gerrold
122 Mindwebs-830226__SwordGame.mp3 H H Hollis
123 Mindwebs-830305__TheEnd.mp3 Ursula K. LeGuin
124 Mindwebs-830319__EuremasDream.mp3 R A Lafferty
125 Mindwebs-830326__AvailableOnTheWarpReaction.mp3 Lyon Miller
126 Mindwebs-830402__GasMask.mp3 James D. Houston
127 Mindwebs-830409__TheShowMustGoOn.mp3 James Cozies
128 Mindwebs-830416__BeyondTheWallOfSleep.mp3 H P Lovecraft
129 Mindwebs-xxxx__Crisis.mp3 Edward Grunden
130 Mindwebs-xxxx__TheBuilder.mp3 Philip K. Dick
131 Mindwebs-xxxx__TheLiberators.mp3 Scott W. Carter
132 Mindwebs-xxxx__TheNightHeCried.mp3 Fritz Leiber
133 Mindwebs-xxxx__TheVerticalLadder.mp3 William A. Samson
134 Mindwebs-xxxx__WhatReallyCausedTheEnergyCrisis.mp3 Paul Nahin
135 Mindwebs-xxxx__WhenItChanged.mp3 Joanna Russ
Reviewer: human - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 26, 2011
Subject: Fantastic science fiction
This should really be filed under Old Time Radio, but be that as it may, this is a really terrific series of dramatic readings of classic science fiction stories, accompanied with weird space music.
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